Video not playing?

This could be a device or browser connection issue.

First try switching to another browser. We generally recommend using the most up-to-date Google Chrome browser for optimum viewing. To ensure you have the latest version of Chrome, click on the settings button in the upper right (the 3 lined hamburger button) > Help > click on About Google Chrome. 

If the stream continues to be interrupted, then it may be an internet connectivity problem.

To test your internet bandwidth, use the following link: Since bandwidth continually fluctuates (especially with a wireless connection), we suggest performing two or more tests. The suggested amount of bandwidth needed to view events on the NFHS Network is 2 megabits. If your bandwidth does not meet this minimum requirement, you may want to contact your Internet provider.

If you continue to have trouble streaming your event, it may be a bandwidth issue at the venue. Please click on the following link to contact a member of our customer support team: Submit a Support Ticket


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