Can't Sign In

Sign in issues are usually caused by things like a forgotten password or an incorrect account email address. 

  • Are you using the email address linked to your NFHS Network account?
  • Could you have forgotten your password? You can reset your password here.

 If you still can't sign in, try clearing your browser cache. Afterwards, you should be able to sign in or reset your password. 


How to clear your cache 


Still Can't Sign In?
If you're still having issues signing please insure that you are at the correct site:

If you subscribed through another platform such as ROKU, Amazon Fire, Apple App Store, or PayPal, make sure you are using the correct email linked to your NFHS Network account. Sometimes third parties will have you signed into their platform for purchases which may be under a different email than your NFHS Network account. 

If you are still having issues please contact us with the email or emails it could be and the device you are using to sign in.

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